Speak at the Robotics & AI Summit

Speak at the Robotics & AI Summit

Interested in presenting at the Robotics & AI Summit?

RoboBusiness's Robotics & AI Summit will take place at LiveWorx'18 on June 18-19 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. 

By presenting, you will interact with the robotics industry and be recognized as a thought leader in your field.


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Please read below for submission criteria.

RoboBusiness has been invited to partner with LiveWorx, a global gathering and community of over 7,000 innovators. As such, we are proud to support the ongoing growth and development of Boston as the global hub for the convergence of robotics and AI in manufacturing and more broadly the entire supply chain.

As a leading media organization, RoboBusiness is in a position to facilitate a series of case studies and panel discussions from leading industry robotic and AI gurus to discuss the challenges, opportunities and strategies organizations require to sustain a competitive edge during this technology revolution.

Speaker Benefits

All speakers are provided with complimentary full registration to the RoboBusiness Conference and exhibit hall.

Financial Support

Unfortunately, the conference program can not subsidize the expenses of all its speakers. Travel, hotel, and per diem expenses are the speaker's responsilbility.

Marketing/Presentation Materials

In order to effectively market the Robotics & AI Summit program, RoboBusiness requires that all speakers submit their biography, headshot and presentation summary to the Conference Director by the specified deadlines. RoboBusiness reserves the right to edit content for consistency and style. RoboBusiness must be contacted in the event of a change or substitution as soon as possible. All changes and/or substitutions must be approved by RoboBusiness.

If you are using a PowerPoint presentation it must be in 16:9 format and are required to use the standard RoboBusiness PowerPoint template should you be selected. If you are selected, we require that you provide your own laptop. Projector with HDMI and VGA inputs will be available.

RoboBusiness organizers may also contact you to schedule an interview about your session. Agreeing to speak at RoboBusiness also means you agree to respond to a brief series of interview questions prior to the event for marketing purposes.

Additional Items to Note:

  • Presentation submissions must be complete at time of submission. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
  • Should your presentation include a panel discussion, your submission must demonstrate that there is sufficient time for discussion and interaction with fellow panelists and an audience Q&A.
    • Panel discussions are not a time for show and tell, rather a time to discuss emerging technologies, trends, lessons learned, challenges faced, and how they can be addressed.
    • Preference will be given to panel discussions that include mulitple institutions and diverse prespectives.
  • RoboBusiness reserves the right to recommend a different session format, combine sessions, and reschedule sessions based on availability and need. Sessions can not be changed once they are scheduled. In addition, at this time we can not accomodate requests for specific times or dates.


If selected to speak, you must commit to present without bias towards any one company or product. RoboBusiness does not allow sales pitches within the conference program. If you would like to discuss other avenues to promote your products or services at RoboBusiness, please contact Ron Trznadel at ront@ehpub.com or 508-663-1500 x331).
  • Grossly promotional sessions are not only disappointing to attendees, but also they negatively affect your brand. Vendors who present highly regarded sessions are often invited to return. Self-promoting vendors are not.

Submission descriptions are limited to 200 words. Submissions with less than 50 words will not be considered. Within your description please outline if the presentation will focus on adoption, implementation, measurement, performance, and/or ROI. Each submission must include 3 learning objectives

All submissions must include:

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Company
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Speaker Bio
  • Session Title
  • Session Description
  • Learning Objectives
  • Who the Target Audience is
  • If Additional AV or Materials May Be Needed

Bios should be no more than 150 words and written in the third person.

Sessions that include participants from end-user organizations will receive a strong preference.

If your submission is accepted, you will receive a complimentary pass to the event and will have an opportunity to share your knowledge with fellow industry peers.

  • Adoption
  • AI & Big Data
  • Automation
  • Business Strategies
  • Collaborative Robots
  • Compliance & Regulations
  • Component Applications
  • Implementation
  • Implementation Case Studies
  • Industries:
    • eCommerce
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
  • Machine Learning
  • Mobile Systems
  • New Applications & Technolgies
  • Retaining & Retraining Employees
  • Robotics & IIoT
  • Safety
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Applications
  • Unmanned Systems & Applications

We saw some of the latest technical advancements in robotics, but we didn’t get bogged down in endless technical discussions. We listened to people who have been successful in the robot business but we were not subjected to sales pitches.