The Business Case for Mobile Robots

June 19, 4:15pm - 5:00pm

Asuman Suenbuel

Director Robotics & IoT

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SAP along with Fetch Robotics established the business case for warehouse management. During this session the speaker will talk about the warehouse management part, the business case and how the ERP is managed by SAP ERP. The main goal of deploying robots in an enterprise environment is to automate tasks and make them more efficient. In order to achieve any deployment of robots in an enterprise requires the coordination with existing workflows, processes, and resources. Information that is usually contained in the company’s ERP/BPM system, which means that robotics systems need to be integrated with the backend system in order to efficiently perform their tasks. This session will also explore the challenges and possible solutions for companies wishing to deploy mobile robots and how to seamlessly and efficiently connect them to their existing ERP/Warehouse Management systems.