Panel Discussion: Strategies for Implementing Automation and Measuring ROI

June 18, 2:30pm - 3:15pm

General Session

Sam Hoff

Patti Engineering, Inc.

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Asuman Suenbuel

Director Robotics & IoT

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Alex Shikany

Vice President - AIA
Association for Advancing Automation (A3)

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Doug Olson

President & CEO
Harmonic Drive

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Manufacturing is going through a tremendous transformation with the increasing adoption of automation and IIoT. But before any project or expansion can begin, organizations need to calculate and verify the returns on investment. Even after implementation, companies need to plan for continuous process improvement. The key to doing more with less is to troubleshoot and maintain automated systems without having a physical presence. Talking points to be discuss: 

  • Determining whether your business is ready for robotics, AI, and IoT.
  • Building the business case for implementing or growing automation.
  • Assessing current business processes to determine if they need to be modified.
  • Formulating a roll-out plan.
  • Managing staffing and morale during robotics adoption.
  • Effectively measuring and maintaining ROI.
  • Creating the necessary flexibility within your team to make the necessary adjustments based on data analysis.