Panel Discussion: Robots and Drones for the Next Generation of E-Commerce

June 19, 10:30am - 10:45am

General Session

John Santagate

Research Director

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Carl Showalter

Fetch Robotics

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Ted Dengel

Managing Director, Operations Technology
FedEx Ground

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Daniel Theobald

Founder, Chief Innovation Officer
Vecna Robotics

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This session will explore how supply chains and order fulfillment are facilitated by autonomous systems in complex and highly variable environments. The growing e-commerce market is embracing the use of robots and drones as it seeks to meet customer demand faster. The speakers will share specific examples of how robots have generated a rapid ROI, empowering facilities to retain, retrain, and maximize the productivity of their human capital. Points addressed: 

  • The importance of designing a robust supply-chain strategy.
  • Managing change and transforming workflows.
  • How to test robots and integrate them into existing processes.
  • Managing the interaction between humans and technology.
  • Tradeoffs between capital and operational expenses when deploying robots.
  • Pricing and implementing robots as a service (RaaS)