Case Study: Robotic Piece Picking Strategies

June 19, 1:15pm - 2:00pm

Adrian Kumar

Vice President, Solutions Design
DHL Supply Chain

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The presentation will analyze the spectrum of “Mobile Collaborative Piece Picking Robots" on the market today. DHL is working with various companies in this field as this emerging technology is proving to be flexible, scalable and ideally suited to e-e-commerce / unit pick operations. The presenter will:

  • Explore the various trade- offs between each of these strategies.
  • Explain how each approach has different levels of integration and division of work between the order-robot-operator. 
  • Share why solutions that drive higher productivity, in general require a higher ratio of robots to person and/or increased investment in infrastructure.
  • A case study will demonstrate there is no one perfect solution as an operation's profile will ultimately determine the recommended approach.