2017 Speakers

Vijay Somandepalli

CTO and Co-Founder

American Robotics

Dr. Vijay Somandepalli is the CTO and Co-Founder of American Robotics. Dr. Somandepalli has a keen interest in applying robotics and automation to enhance sustainability, efficiency and value across all sectors of technology and industry.  At American Robotics, he oversees the development and application of their aerial robotics technology to agriculture.
Dr. Somandepalli is an active member of many industry standards organizations and professional societies related to drones, industrial robotics, autonomous systems, and electric vehicles. 
Prior to founding American Robotics, Dr. Somandepalli was a senior consultant at a large national engineering and scientific consulting firm. Dr. Somandepalli has also conducted research on advanced propulsion technologies for aerospace and naval applications at Stanford University, and the Indian Institute of Technology.

Refining Human-Machine Interaction