2017 Speakers

Ted Dengel

Managing Director, Operations Technology

FedEx Ground

Ted Dengel is the Managing Director, Operations Technology, for FedEx Ground.  In this role, Ted leads a team of technology professionals responsible for the research, development, implementation, and support of field-based technologies at FedEx Ground. These technology areas include mobile and fixed automated data collection (scanning, imaging, weighing, and dimensioning), robotics and automation, local and wide area wireless, printing and marking, GPS/telematics, RFID, and automated parcel sortation and handling.

Ted also co-chairs a FedEx enterprise-wide technology council focused on identifying common technology solutions across all FedEx operating companies and ensures collaboration and consistency in the application of new technology.

Ted has more than 22 years’ experience at FedEx Ground in operations technology and other operations engineering functions.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial management from Carnegie Mellon University and a master’s degree in industrial engineering management from the University of Pittsburgh.

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