2017 Speakers

Brian Carlisle


Precise Automation, Inc

Mr. Carlisle is CEO of Precise Automation. Precise designs and sells collaborative robots and robot controllers for life sciences and small part handling and assembly applications.

Prior to founding Precise, Mr. Carlisle and Dr. Shimano founded Adept Technology in 1983, where Mr. Carlisle was Chief Executive Officer. Adept focused on assembly automation for electronics, automotive and telecommunications products and grew to sales of over $100 million.

Carlisle and Shimano also led the development of the PUMA robot at Unimation in the late 1970s. The PUMA, developed in conjunction with General Motors, was the first assembly robot in the world, grew to sales of over $40 million in a few years, and was recently recognized by GM and the Smithsonian as a landmark design in the development of robotics.

Mr. Carlisle served as President of United States Robotic Industries Association for 3 years, served on the Board of the National Coalition for Advanced Manufacturing (NACFAM) for 15 years, served on the Boards of the National Center for Manufacturing Science (NCMS) for 15 years, served on the Board of the Automation Forum of NEMA, is a founding member of the National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (NEMI), was General Chairman of the IEEE ICRA 2000 Robotics and Automation Conference. He has given numerous talks on robotics and automation all over the world.

Mr. Carlisle holds BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. He has been elected a Fellow of the IEEE, and awarded the Joseph Engelberger Award by the Robotic Industries Association for Leadership in Robotics. He holds multiple patents for robots and robot accessories.

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