2017 Keynotes and Power Panels

   Martin Buehler

   Executive R&D Imagineer

   Walt Disney Imagineering


Elevating Business with Advanced Robotics

What do you need to know to use robots for business success? Whether you're a robotics or artificial intelligence developer, supplier, or end user, you need to do more than keep up with the latest technologies. True industry leaders must be able to develop an automation strategy, develop business relationships, and transform their organizations as needed.

Martin Buehler, executive R&D imagineer at Disney, brings a unique perspective to the industry. His experiences at Boston Dynamics, iRobot, Vecna, and Medtronic have given him a view into numerous cutting-edge robots and applications. Buehler will share the lessons he has learned and look to the future of robotics and business.

Justin Ha
Senior Manager, Solutions Design
DHL Supply Chain

Terrence Southern
Lead Global Robotics & Automation Engineer
GE Global Research

Anders Grunnet-Jepsen
Perceptual Computing Group Intel

Terry Fong
Director of Intelligent Robotics Group
NASA Ames Research Center

Mastering Robotics and AI With Power Users

Executives from global organizations including DHL, GE, and NASA share their insights and examples of how businesses can successfully develop and deploy robotics and AI.​


   Tolga Kurtoglu


   PARC, a Xerox Company


Bringing Reliable (and Transparent) AI to Business

PARC CEO Tolga Kurtoglu will discuss the latest in AI developments and share how AI is being applied across a number of industries today. The field of AI brings much promise, offering humans and machines the ability to learn from each other and work together in ways that we haven’t yet experienced. Even more new science is needed in reshaping the human-computer collaboration, and, today, industry is working hard to make AI understandable and trustable.




Steve Crowe
Robotics Trends

Jesse Clayton
Sr. Manager of Product Management,
Intelligent Machines

Adam Kell
Comet Labs


Tolga Kurtoglu
PARC, a Xerox Company

Silvio Savarese
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Stanford University

Gregory P. Spata
Sr. Principle Dir., Global Robotics
Offering Lead

AI's Impact on Industry 

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and related technologies are already making robots and business processes more efficient. Learn how to build a business strategy that applies AI to long-term growth and competitiveness.


   Melonee Wise


   Fetch Robotics


The Future of Intelligent Automation

Fetch Robotics CEO Melonee Wise reflects on the biggest lessons from RoboBusiness and shares a vision of how AI and robotics will continue to evolve and re-shape industry and society in the near term.

I highly recommend RoboBusiness as an event to attend. The networking opportunities were fantastic.