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The 2017 Call for Speakers is now closed.

Notifications of acceptance will be sent out early April 2017.

Do you have questions about topics that may be of interest to our RoboBusiness Audience?

If so, please contact Allyson Yorks ( or 508-663-1500x483).

Are you interested in speaking at RoboBusiness 2018?

If so, please review the  RoboBusiness 2017 Speaking Guidelines below to learn about the application process then email Allyson Yorks ( or 508-663-1500x483) to be notified when the 2018 Call for Speakers opens.

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Now in its 13th year, RoboBusiness is the Global Congress of Robotics and Business that brings together business leaders and technology decision makers from throughout the robotics ecosystem for the purpose of networking, doing business, assessing new growth opportunities and sharing meaningful dialogue.
Today’s businesses are changing dramatically with the need to adopt advanced robotics operating systems to drive innovation and transformation across the value chain. Delivering a high-quality conference program, RoboBusiness empowers attendees that seek to stay current and maintain a competitive edge.
RoboBusiness is the largest robotics business event in North America and a catalyst that forges robotics into new markets and product categories. Over 87% of our audience members have purchasing power and can make significant choices about investing in robotics or strategically partnering with robotics companies.  

General Information

Speaker Benefits

All speakers are provided with complimentary full registration to the RoboBusiness conference and exhibit hall. One additional full conference pass will be available for a colleague to use. Other registration discounts may be available to pass along to colleagues. Speakers will be admitted into a lounge provided exclusively for their use. RoboBusiness will also connect speakers interested in publicity opportunities with media representatives attending the event.

Financial Support

Unfortunately, the conference program cannot subsidize the expenses of all its speakers. Travel, hotel and per diem expenses are the speaker’s responsibility.

Marketing/Presentation Materials

In order to effectively market the RoboBusiness program, RoboBusiness requires that all speakers submit their biography, headshot and presentation summary to the Conference Director by the specified deadlines. RoboBusiness reserves the right to edit content for consistency and style. RoboBusiness must be contacted in the event of a change or substitution as soon as possible. All changes and/or substitutions must be approved by RoboBusiness.

RoboBusiness organizers may also contact you to schedule an interview about your session. Agreeing to speak at RoboBusiness also means you agree to respond to a brief series of interview questions prior to the event for marketing purposes. 

Companies - Please Read This!

If selected to speak, you must commit to present without bias towards any one company or product (RoboBusiness does not allow sales pitches within the conference program. If you would like to discuss other avenues to promote your products or services at RoboBusiness, please contact Ron Trznadel at or 508-663-1500 x331).

  • Grossly promotional sessions are not only disappointing to attendees, but also they negatively affect your brand. Vendors who present highly regarded sessions are often invited to return. Self-promoting vendors are not.

What You Will Need

Your Information

  • Your contact information
  • Your organization URLs or personal URLs (depending upon which you feel is more appropriate)
  • Bio
  • Speaker’s last 3 speaking engagements (if applicable)
  • Head shot (200x200 pixels for web, high resolution for print)

Your Co-Presenters’ Information (if applicable)

  • Their basic contact information (name, title, organization, phone, email)

Session Topics

Here is a series of session topics that will be included in RoboBusiness 2017.

*Please note that conference sessions are 45 minutes in length.

Business Developement

  • Preparing for Adoption
  • Transformation Strategies
  • 4.0  in a Small- to Medium-Size Enterprise 
  • Cyber Security Strategy
  • Deterring ROI, Productivity and Competitive Advantage of Scaling Automation   
  • RaaS Feasibility 
  • Macro Trends, Business Engines, Opportunities

Enabling Technology

  • Simulation Mapping and Localization
  • Evaluating AI Requirements 
  • Determining ROI of Increased Sensor and Data Usage  
  • Achieving Zero Downtime through Digitization and IoT    
  • Mobility in Industrial Applications
  • Assessing 5G and Cloud Computing 
  • Open Source Solutions to Solve Interoperability

Manufacturing and Logistics

  • Analytics, Rbotics and the Connected Supply Chain
  • Strategies for Collaborative Robot Integration  
  • Condition Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance Scheduling  
  • Control and Motion Path Planning 
  • Increasing Productively with Wearables and Cobots  
  • Bin Picking and Multi Sensor Fusion
  • Robotics and Zero-Defect Logistics 

Outdoor Field Operations

  • Market Scope: Outdoor Field Robotics
  • Automation, AI and Data 
  • Mechanical Structure amd Control Assessment for Rugged Environments
  • Precession Field Drones 
  • Advances in Perception for Appearance and Geometric Change  
  • Gaining Competitive Advantage Autonomous Technology 

Security and Surveillance

  • Market Scope: A Ubiquitous Robot Security and Surveillance Market  
  • Future of Law Enforcement and First Response
  • Campus, Critical Structure and Home Safety
  • Decision Making and Real Time Information
  • Evaluating UGV Design Requirements and Use Cases 
  • Expanding UAV Fleets and Use Cases
  • Policy and Public Perception 


  • Retail Transformation through Enabling Technology and Robotics 
  • Point of Sale, Fintech and Robotics
  • Growth of Robotics-Based Goods-to-Person Automation
  • QSR (Quick Serve Restaurants)
  • Data in the New Automated Retail Environment
  • Personalized Customer Experiences: AI and Machine Learning
  • Automated Delivery Market

Session Description

State exactly what will be covered in the session. A good description allows participants to assess the content and clearly understand how they will benefit from attending. Remember that not only are judges looking at this but also, it will be the session description that is posted for attendees to see when selecting their sessions.

Key Takeaways

Indicate 3 key takeaways from your proposed presentation. Please list as if you were speaking to your audience.

Session Format

Will you be the only presenter at your session or will you have a co-presenter or will it be a panel session that you are moderating?

  • Please note that panel sessions cannot have more than 3 speakers plus a Moderator.