You're invited to join over 2,000 executives who are transforming business and increasing profits with robotics. The RoboBusiness conference is a place to gain inspiration and business strategies that can be put to immediate use while networking with the industry elite. 

2017 Tracks Include:

Business Development

Sessions in this track highlight managing enterprise-wide transformation through the development of the robotics industry. Specifically, this track will analyze several business-centric topics that affect adoption: advanced business models, market growth, integration strategy, matching end-user expectations, best practices from early leaders, etc.

Session topics include:

  • Preparing for Adoption
  • Transformation Strategies
  • 4.0  in a Small- to Medium-Size Enterprise 
  • Cyber Security Strategy
  • Deterring ROI, Productivity and Competitive Advantage of Scaling Automation   
  • RaaS Feasibility 
  • Macro Trends, Business Engines, Opportunities

Enabling Technology

Sessions in this track will focus on the many technologies and sub-systems required for robotics to match user requirements, how advanced and emerging enabling technologies such as artificial intelligence can support wide robotics adoption and how the current realistic use of technologies enable robotics innovation.

Session topics include:

  • Simulation Mapping and Localization
  • Evaluating AI Requirements 
  • Determining ROI of Increased Sensor and Data Usage  
  • Achieving Zero Downtime through Digitization and IoT    
  • Mobility in Industrial Applications
  • Assessing 5G and Cloud Computing 
  • Open Source Solutions to Solve Interoperability

Manufacturing and Logistics

Sessions in this track will highlight some of the newer tools, solutions and tactics designed specifically to leverage robotics to improve operational effectiveness in manufacturing, warehousing and other industrial environments. 

Session topics include:

  • Analytics, Rbotics and the Connected Supply Chain
  • Strategies for Collaborative Robot Integration  
  • Condition Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance Scheduling  
  • Control and Motion Path Planning 
  • Increasing Productively with Wearables and Cobots  
  • Bin Picking and Multi Sensor Fusion
  • Robotics and Zero-Defect Logistics 

Outdoor Field Operations

Sessions in this track will explore outdoor field technologies and feature best-in-class use cases of robotics to reach organizational, and business goals from an end-user perspective. Applications included in this track includes AGVs and other outdoor technologies such as drones for agro-farming, energy/mining

Session topics include:

  • Market Scope: Outdoor Field Robotics
  • Automation, AI and Data 
  • Mechanical Structure amd Control Assessment for Rugged Environments
  • Precession Field Drones 
  • Advances in Perception for Appearance and Geometric Change  
  • Gaining Competitive Advantage Autonomous Technology 

Security and Surveillance

Sessions in this track will discuss use cases and the environment leading to increased adoption of robot systems for security and surveillance from defense and law enforcement to personal safety. Also discussed will be the required features and functionality to serve this expanding market.

Session topics include:

  • Market Scope: A Ubiquitous Robot Security and Surveillance Market  
  • Future of Law Enforcement and First Response
  • Campus, Critical Structure and Home Safety
  • Decision Making and Real Time Information
  • Evaluating UGV Design Requirements and Use Cases 
  • Expanding UAV Fleets and Use Cases
  • Policy and Public Perception 


Sessions in this track will explore and showcase best-in-class examples of applications, tools, interactivity and functionality for the changing retail environment. 

Session topics include:

  • Retail Transformation through Enabling Technology and Robotics 
  • Point of Sale, Fintech and Robotics
  • Growth of Robotics-Based Goods-to-Person Automation
  • QSR (Quick Serve Restaurants)
  • Data in the New Automated Retail Environment
  • Personalized Customer Experiences: AI and Machine Learning
  • Automated Delivery Market