Today’s businesses are changing dramatically with the need to adopt robotics solutions to stay current and maintain a competitive edge. Don't get left behind! RoboBusiness' conference program empowers attendees to craft a robotics strategy that can be put to immediate use. Join and network with over 2,000 executives who are helping shape the future of business.

2017 Tracks Include:

Adopting and Implementing Robotics

Companies in many vertical markets already use robots, but successful adoption depends on a good business plan and an understanding of where automation can be used. Sessions in this track will examine end-user cases, supply chain automation, and robotics as a service (RaaS).

Session topics include:

  • Is Your Business Robot-Ready?
  • Identifying New Applications for Automation
  • Things I Wish I Knew About Integrating Automation
  • Connecting and Automating the Entire Supply Chain
  • Enabling Goods-to-Person Delivery in the Supply Chain
  • Working With Partners to Adopt Robotics

How to Get ROI From Robotics

Leaders charged with bringing robots into their enterprises must master change management and demonstrate returns on their investments. This track will analyze monitoring and expanding automated systems, promoting robotics to internal stakeholders, and avoiding legal problems.

Session topics include:

  • How We Increased Our Revenue With Robots
  • How to Manage Staffing and Morale During Robotics Adoption
  • Increasing Productivity With Collaborative Robots
  • How to Scale Up Automation and Measure ROI
  • Gaining Competitive Advantage From Autonomous Vehicles and Services
  • Protect Your IP and Get Ahead of Robotics Regulations

Robotics Nuts and Bolts for Your Business

Advancements in manipulation and motion control can directly affect the bottom line. These sessions will take a deep dive into robotics technology and practical uses. They will also provide an opportunity to discuss key points in evaluating robotic systems, as well as the importance of components and engineering talent.

Session topics include:

  • Pick and Place for Profit With Mobility, Robot Arms, and New Grippers
  • Robotics and B2B2C Security Concerns
  • Robots as a Service: Feasibility and Opportunity
  • Building a Better Robot: Why Components Matter
  • Know Thy End Users: Get the Most Out of Interface Design and Analytics
  • Can We Remedy the Robotics Skills Shortage?

What Can AI and IoT Do for You?

Despite the doomsayers, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and related technologies are making robots and autonomous vehicles safer and more flexible. However, many challenges must still be overcome, including public expectations, the need for reliable data and connectivity, and keeping up with AI developments.

Session topics include: 

  • The State of AI: What It Can and Can't Do
  • Using Sensors and Data for Preventative Maintenance and Reducing Downtime
  • Use Cases for Perception and Cognitive Systems
  • Degrees of Intelligence: How AI Is Making Robots Smarter
  • What Do Big Data, IoT, and the Cloud Mean for Robotics?
  • Refining Human-Machine Interfaces for Automation
  • AI: How Much Do We Really Need?