What Your Business Needs to Know About Working with a Robotics Engineering Firm

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July 21, 2017

If you’re thinking about hiring a robotics engineering firm to turn your business’ robot dreams into reality, you probably already have some strong ideas about what you want your final product to be. But choosing the wrong technological path or the wrong partner can lead you down an expensive, time-consuming path to a “solution” that meets neither your needs nor your goals.

Follow these tips to make the most of your partnership with your robotics engineering firm and increase your chances of success.

Consider commissioning a separate feasibility study

If you’re concerned about the feasibility of a large robotics engineering project, you may want to think about paying for a standalone feasibility engineering study to be completed prior to making a decision to move forward.

Certainly, you can wait and roll this into the process of interviewing and gathering proposals from potential robotics engineering firms, but often times these vendors will do just enough of a feasibility study to close the contract and get the work.

Paying for an objective feasibility study gives you insight into the process and the industry. For high-dollar or high-profile projects, it’s an investment that’s well worth making.

Understand the difference between a custom robotics engineering firm and a traditional industrial automation firm

Thirty years ago, “robotics” and “industrial automation” were synonymous. Today, however, robotics is largely separate from industrial automation, as the field of robotics can encompass anything from self-driving cars and drones to ground robots and even marine robots.

Now, the term “robotics” generally insinuates a high degree of autonomy working in largely unstructured environments. It may also mean human safe — or at least attempting to be. This is the biggest differentiator between robotics and industrial automation, which exists almost exclusively in highly structured environments including cages, robot work cells and human exclusion zones.

So if you’re looking for a solution that will work within an unstructured environment, or one that will operate relatively autonomously, make sure you’re seeking out a robotics firm in lieu of an industrial automation firm.

Find a great robotics engineering firm, and let it do great work

If your business is like many, you may realize that you could benefit from introducing robotics into your processes but may not have a clear idea of how they could have the greatest impact.


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