UV-Disinfection Robot Can Help Save Lives in Mexico, Qatar

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June 16, 2016

ODENSE, Denmark — Among the technologies exhibited at RoboBusiness Europe 2016 here this month were new robots from Blue Ocean Robotics ApS. In addition to manufacturing and educational robots, the company offered its UV-Disinfection Robot.

The World Health Organization states that healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are the third most common cause of death in Mexico. The costs of HAIs represent 70 percent of the entire budget of the Ministry of Health.

The autonomous UV-Disinfection Robot is ready to help in hospitals. It can roam healthcare facilities and kill up to 99.9 percent of infectious bacteria and viruses within 10 minutes by using UV-C light.

Too much exposure to ultraviolet light can also be harmful to humans, so when robot comes close to a person, its UV light turns off automatically.

Blue Ocean Robotics has also developed the RA660 Navi robot for cleaning floors with minimal human contact.

Reduced risk of infection
“With the new UV-Disinfection Robot, the population of Mexico and other countries will have a significantly reduced risk of contracting life-threatening HAIs when being hospitalized,” said Claus Risager, CEO of Blue Ocean Robotics. “In cooperation with the clinical microbiology department at Odense University Hospital, we have created a solution that kills pathogenic bacteria in industrial applications and in the healthcare sector at considerable societal costs.”

“I am happy that Mexico is one of the first countries in Latin America to reduce HAIs,” he added.

Blue Ocean Robotics and Datatechnic México recently announced a sales partnership. The UV-Disinfection Robot is nominated for the Startup World Award, which will be announced at Automatica 2016 in Munich.

“I think that the UV-Disinfection Robot will bring a revolution into how we disinfect patient rooms in cooperation with the staff,” said Peder Jest, medical director at the Odense University Hospital. “The aim is to reduce the number of hospital-acquired infections, sick leave and number of deaths due to HAI.”

The Odense University Hospital participated in the development of the UV-Disinfection Robot and provided clinical expertise. Hans Jørn Kolmos, a professor in the clinical microbiology department at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU), has also been assisting the research.

Blue Ocean Robotics also recently announced a partnership with with Professional Medical Supplies and Trading that it will provide the UV-Disinfection Robot to the government of Qatar.

Laparoscopic robot surgery
Blue Ocean Robotics is also working with its LapTics IVS subsidiary on the RoBi-Design project, which intends to make laparoscopic surgeries more secure and productive.

RoBi-Design is one of Blue Ocean Robotics’ three RoBi-X partnership programs. The others are RoBi-Develop and RoBi-Export. Through these programs, Blue Ocean co-develops new robotics products to...

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