Universal Robotics Expands AI-Enabled Neocortex Cells and Unveils Universal Logic

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March 08, 2017

Universal Robotics Inc. last week announced the expansion of its labor-replacement line of Neocortex Goods to Robot (G2R) Cells.

Responding to customer demand for a broader range of reach and load capability, the company has introduced two new pre-engineered sizes to join the first offering.

Neocortex G2R cells

Built on Universal’s Neocortex artificial intelligence software platform, these cells are designed to replace labor on the supply chain in a one-for-one swap. Pull out the operator, and set in the Neocortex G2R Cell without modification to the existing line. It is a complete prefabricated robot work cell that installs in one day.

Prices start at $120,000 for a complete cell including installation. Lease options are available. Payback can be less than one year.

The Neocortex G2R Cell targets tasks along the supply chain that until now required manual process. The AI-controlled robot cell handles extreme variability at speeds exceeding human capability. It is used in both finished goods and manufacturing supply chains. The cell can pick from bins, fill orders, tend to machines, and handle process flow.

In short, wherever a laborer is working in the chain, the Neocortex G2R Cell may...

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