The HEBI Podcast: New Way of Building Better, Cheaper Robots

July 11, 2016

Better, cheaper robots

System integration remains a large driver of cost for both custom and off the shelf systems. The trend is to rely more on external sensors, in particular vision, so this problem likely won’t be going away soon.

The range of tasks that have yet to be automated are so varied that automation using traditional 6+ DoF arms is difficult.

Creating systems from modular off the shelf components allows for a high degree of customization, and also reduces overall development time resulting in improved return on investment.

HEBI Robotics builds intelligent and connected building blocks for creating robotic solutions and uses these building blocks to deliver these solutions faster, better, and cheaper than current technology.

Well-defined interfaces, internet-enabled connectivity, and smart software tools allow implementers to spend their time focusing on the task at hand rather than low-level implementation details, resulting in faster development.

The flexibility and reconfigurability of these tools allow robotic solutions to be more appropriately customized for their tasks, resulting in better robots. Finally, these both result in solutions that are cheaper, both due to reduction in development time and because customization means that only necessary parts are purchased.

Join Tom Green as he checks in with Howie Choset, Dave Rollinson, and Florian Enner on Hebi’s new-look robot building.


See Howie Choset Live at RoboBusiness:

Howie Choset
Howie Choset

Professor of Robotics,
Carnegie Mellon University
HEBI Robotics


Innovative Approaches to Motion Control and Training

Many applications lend themselves to automation using only a few controlled axes of motion, and a few well-placed sensors, provided the configuration of these components and accompanying software tools can be specifically tailored to the task.

We explore the idea of addressing the market in between fixed automation and general purpose manipulators with robot building blocks and software tools that enable custom robots that are cheaper and more effective than today’s state-of-the-art.



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