The Collaborative Robot: The Everyman Machine

May 03, 2016

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No one said it’d be this easy

Three years ago we wouldn’t be having a webcast titled Collaborative Robots because there weren’t any collaborative robots. Well, none that had yet escaped from engineering drawings, laboratories and PowerPoint presentations at IEEE conferences.

Times have changed! Collaborative robots have quickly earned their name and their keep. While revolutionizing every task they’ve been given, they have also dispelled the lingering robot myths about being too expensive, too complex to operate, and too clumsy and inflexible.

Collaborative robots are fast becoming hard-working everyday tools and breaking down stereotypes where ever they go, including with many hard-boiled SMEs who had previously scoffed at them.

Please join us for an up-close look at the phenomena that are collaborative robots. See them at work, hear from former “scoffsters”, and see where they are off to next, like rentals! Yes, rentals that you or I can take to work—no previous experience required—for a week or month or longer.

Collaborative robots are with us on a daily basis doing what everyone had always hoped that they’d do: perform the dull, dirty and dangerous jobs formerly worked by and endangering humans; never need to be enclosed in a cage in some segregated work area; and, most importantly, not to be a threat to human co-workers.

This newly-arrived cobot has now spawned new outreach and amazing educational programs from their manufacturers, won friends wherever they’ve gone, and democratized the use of robots, all while rapidly becoming an indispensable, go-to “everyman machine”.

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Collaborative Robots

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