The Co-Cobot Podcast: How Collaborative Robots are Remaking Warehouses and Factories

July 07, 2016

Co-bots rising

A new army of industrial robots is descending; robots that can work with and alongside humans in performing work tasks previously needing separation between robot and human.

Today, ever since the first appearance of robots in manufacturing over fifty years ago, human-robot collaboration has finally arrived with robots integrating with humans in real-world settings on the factory floors of both large and small manufacturers.

Tom Green checks in with Tim Kelch, lead software integration engineer at JR Automation Technologies, explore advancements in the field of collaborative robot technology, its applications, safety implications, human impacts as well as those all-important impacts on productivity, business and investing.


See Tim Kelch Live at RoboBusiness:

Tim Kelch
Tim Kelch

Lead Software Integration Engineer
JR Automation Technologies

Re-Evaluating the Value and Market Positioning of Industrial Cobots

As one of the largest integrators in the nation, JR Automation sees nearly every type of request for automation. Because of that, we have gained a unique perspective on what cobot features end consumers are actually asking for and are willing to spend money on.

This presentation will focus on where cobots are being applied, where they can bring the most value to a business, and how their value can be fully realized.




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