Robotics Training at Universal Robots Academy Comes Free

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March 09, 2017

ODENSE, Denmark — Universal Robots A/S, which announced its favorable financial results this week, is offering robotics training at its Universal Robots Academy to help encourage adoption of collaborative robots.

In addition to its UR+ program for software and end effectors, Universal Robots has launched initiatives to make it easier for companies to use its “plug and play” robotic arms in production. In the free Universal Robots Academy, people can learn how to program its robots online for free through six modules.

It is unusual in the robotics industry to make such training available for free, said Esben Østergaard, chief technology officer and founder of Universal Robots. “But this is a long-term investment for us,” he said. “We want to raise the robot literacy.”

“The reason for speeding up the entry of cobots is not only to optimize production here and now,” he explained. “[But] we are facing a looming skills gap in the manufacturing industry that we need to bridge by all means possible. Facilitating knowledge creation and access to our robots is an important step in that direction.”

The online robotics training modules are available in English, Spanish, German, French, and Chinese. The six modules cover configuring end effectors, connecting inputs and outputs, and creating basic programs, as well as how to apply safety features to an application.

Business Takeaways:

  • Universal Robots has benefited from the growing cobot market and is working to educate end users in the use of its collaborative robot arms.
  • The new Universal Robots Academy joins other support programs, such as the UR+ platform for end effectors and software.
  • Based on its existing use cases, UR’s leadership expects cobots to help human workers, not replace them.

While other vendors offer robotics training, Universal Robots’ free academy is part of its strategy to...

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