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July 14, 2016

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.”
—Woody Allen, Collider interview, 2008

Two straight days of networking

As you step through the front door of RoboBusiness 2016 in San Jose, start counting. Out of the first ten people you count, seven are there to network, three are not.

Keep counting, if you like, but rest assured that enough studies have been done to conclusively show that the 70-30 rule applies to every conference. RoboBusiness is no exception.

So if you’re not at RoboBusiness to network, you and the other 30 percent of attendees have got some serious soul searching to do to justify your investments. First comes the conference fee, plus there are flight schedules, meals and hotel rooms to consider. Putting work and family life and that Little League game on hold for two days can be challenging as well.

So, good luck to the 30 percent as they drift off to try to figure out their next step or to-do.

What the remaining 70 percent of networkers need to decide is what kind of networking they are willing and able to carry out during the two-day conference. What goals are most important to achieve?

Face-to-face networking comes in many shapes and sizes:

  1. Some people network looking for investment
  2. Others look for buyers for their goods, skills or even to sell their company
  3. Some search for collaborators, partners and like-minded colleagues
  4. Some look for new tech for their research projects
  5. Some look for employment and job referrals
  6. Some search for content knowledge and ideas
  7. Some hunt for opportunities to meet keynoters or session speakers
  8. Some seek out new friendships, even soul mates
  9. Then there are some that do a smattering of all eight above
  10. And then there are some “outliers” who network for previously unheard of reasons

How about you? How will you spend your networking budget? Will that budget maximize your investment in RoboBusiness?

Is serendipity good enough?

The above list of 10 represent lots of networking opportunities. For over a decade, RoboBusiness has a solid reputation for supplying a fertile atmosphere for great face-to-face meetings and serendipitous encounters.

Wonderful collaborations, friendship making, and successful businesses encounters have been a part of every RoboBusiness event; the 2016 meetup is shaping up to be the equal of or to surpass past RoboBusiness venues. Be there and see for yourself. But, please come with a networking plan.

Networking via serendipity is always exciting and full of awesome possibilities. However a bit of planning to any trek into serendipity can help you to be much better at maximizing yourself between September 28 to the 29th and in the end to walk away with better outcomes.

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