DHL’s Justin Ha Discusses Supply Chain, Autonomy, and RoboBusiness

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August 30, 2017

Robotics Business Review recently reached out to Justin Ha, Director of Solutions Design at DHL Supply Chain. Justin has over 8 years of experience in supply chain, as well as experience in researching robotics, drones, AGVs, augmented reality, and supply chain networks.

Robotics and automation are continuing to change how supply chains are structured, and how goods flow throughout them. However, Ha believes that even more changes are to come as mobile autonomous robots are improved, and as robotics companies better address the needs of their end users.

At RoboBusiness, Ha will be speaking on the Keynote Power Panel: Mastering Robotics and AI With Power Users.

What got you interested in robotics and artificial intelligence, and how is it connected to Supply Chain?

It’s hard to pin point to the exact cause, but it was a natural progression of my role with the company, and the direction my company was heading. Few years ago, DHL started investing in global groups that is researched into technologies/solutions that were trending in the industry or new ones that were emerging. My group (Solutions Design) are responsible for developing supply chain and logistic solutions to our customers, and we always knew the importance of considering and incorporating these innovative solutions to propose the best solution possible for the customer.

I jumped on the opportunity to lead this initiative for the North America region to not only excel at what I do, but it’s absolutely “cool” to learn in depth about technological advancement and how we’re taking advantage of it in our industry.

Which emerging technology or application excites you the most?

I’d have to say it’s the mobile autonomous robots. It’s opening up a lot of possibilities and gets right at the heart of inefficiency in our process, which is human travel. We’re seeing a lot of application for simple transport to assisting human operator, and in that there’s so many things we can eventually solve to help us with both quantitative and qualitative aspects in running a supply chain...

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