Critical Meetups at the RoboBusiness Expo

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August 04, 2016

Where are you in the mix?

Why does every exhibitor at this year’s RoboBusiness conference want to come?

After all, it’s a helluva lot of work.

Each company purchases exhibit space; schleps in the company’s trade show booth and then quickly sets it up, arranges for personnel to be on hand to staff the booth (all of which takes time and costs quite a bit of money); and then everyone dons company colors and is all welcoming smiles come 11AM when the RoboBusiness Expo doors open for the first day of the conference.

It’s all done just to meet you, and none of them even know who you are…yet.

That’s a lot of work, expense and effort bet on the off-chance that someway, somehow you’ll connect with one of those in company colors wearing a smile, and magic will happen.

It’s the magic of serendipity at play every time you shake a hand and open your mouth to say hello.

All that effort just for the chance for a handshake and a sincere hello.

And the crowd of RoboBusiness goers streaming into the Expo, to a person, are marketing-averse, robot-savvy and able to sniff out credibility or lack thereof in a femtosecond. But it’s not a tough crowd by any means. If your tech is there, you get an honest audience to pitch your company, your product, and your hope that you can take things further than a demo.

Creating value for yourself at the Expo

The RoboBusiness Expo is big and teaming with potential, and there’s just so much of you to go- around, what with all the sessions, panels, breakouts, keynotes, general networking and those unexpected meetups that take up time but are important. At least, you think that they are important when in the moment.

However, you might just as unexpectedly miss out on meetups that are even more important, and never know about them.

There’s a booth or two or three or more with company colors and smiling faces that you will bypass or low-end or ignore that may well have extraordinary value for you.

Fortunately, RoboBusiness has created a group of very cool, interactive tools...

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