China Podcast: Boots-on-the-ground Analysis from Shanghai on China’s Robot Revolution

July 08, 2016

The robot pulse of China

Don’t miss hearing from Georg! Tom Green checks in with Georg Stieler, Managing Director of STM China. STM (STIELER Market Research and Business Development for Technology Companies) which is a German consulting firm providing market research and business development services for technology companies.

Georg’s crew visits every factory in eastern China. His analysis of what’s going on in those factories is a must-have briefing for understanding robot-driven automation is at the core of Beijing’s “Made in China 2025 strategy”.

See how China will put it into play as it tries to catch up with leading technology nations in the world. The strong supply chains within the country today are a good starting point to maintain or even strengthen its leading position in global trade.


See Georg Stieler Live at RoboBusiness:

Georg Stieler
Georg Stieler

Managing Director Asia
STM China

Digitizing the Factory of the World

This session will address the following questions:

  • Which chances does the digitisation of China offer to foreign suppliers of robotics and smart factory solutions? 
  • How does the current economic slowdown affect the Chinese factory automation market? 
  • Who are the emerging Chinese competitors? What are they doing better than their foreign counterparts, where do still they lag behind? Which role do outbound investments play in their strategies?
  • and much more!



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