ASI Brings Autonomous Systems to Farms, Roadways

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September 23, 2016

Autonomous Solutions Inc. provides technology to make just about any vehicle self-driving, and it has worked well with partners on getting funding and serving the law-enforcement market. In addition, ASI is working on both off-road and automotive applications for its autonomous systems, according to CEO Mel Torrie.

Farm progress with robotics

Autonomous Solutions has worked with London-based CNH Industrial on concept autonomous tractors, which they unveiled at the Farm Progress Show this month in Boone, Iowa. The driverless tractors are expected to improve precision and productivity for planting and harvesting crops.

“We’re thrilled to be working with the leaders in [agricultural] innovation to make this exciting future of driverless tractors a reality,” Torrie said. “CNH Industrial’s selection of ASI as a long-term, strategic robotic development provider validates the capability and flexibility of our robotics platform in reducing the risk and costs for equipment manufacturers to bring advanced capabilities to their respective industries.”

“ASI is the industry-leading developer of autonomous solutions in the off-road vehicle segment and the natural choice to be one of CNH Industrial’s key technology providers,” said Richard Tobin, CEO of CNH.

Driverless vehicles require trust

Autonomous systems require a combination of sensors and software to be safe to operate around people. Even with improving technology, self-driving cars and trucks can’t always account for unpredictable human behavior.

“One of the scariest things we’ve discovered is that...

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